Client Testimonials

Joan is thorough, timely, responsive and exceptionally knowledgeable.  As a listing agent Joan has developed an extensive marketing package.  She uses a professional photographer who visually presents your home at its best.  The package is effective because it is well organized and is marketed on numerous internet sites.  Joan´s excellent writing skills go beyond highlighting the physical characteristics of your home.  Simply, Joan is not lazy!  She goes the extra step which translates into increased interest and more showings!  As the seller, you must do your part but Joan will do the rest!  Neat and clean and free of personal clutter sells!  In a very challenging economy and real estate market, we sold our home at full price in 27 days J J!  We felt the price was fair and solid in this market; the appraisal came in $100 over the selling price.  Best of all, Joan is a lot of fun to work with! 

- Judy & Paul N

Thank you so much, Joan.  You are a consummate professional and an amazing human being.  You sold my parents home when no one else could have.

- Danna

Joan, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you going over to our house while the appraiser was there today! I was tied up this morning and couldn’t tell you myself, but I really really appreciate it.  I’m sure it will make a difference and now I will feel really good whatever the appraisal comes back at because I just know that you going the extra mile will help as much as it can in view of the comps.  Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.  You really do go the extra mile for your customers!!

- Linda

Joan was the perfect agent to sell our Dad's home; he passed away at the end of December. While his home was a decent size for a ranch, it was unusual in the area because it had 2 bedrooms, 2 baths & a den.  Comps were not obvious.  She spent time doing research and presented it to us in meaningful detail.  She suggested a price that seemed high to us but we aren't in the Real Estate business. I am the Personal Representative for my Dad's estate and I needed to keep the best interests of my siblings in mind.  In the end, we went with her recommendation and it couldn't have turned out better.  The staging & photography of the home were top notch as was the virtual tour.  We were amazed at the number of showings we received.  We had an offer within a few hours that was $5,000 over the asking.  Everything after that went so smoothly because Joan was with us every step of the way.  We are so grateful and pleased that she was our agent.  She's outstanding!!

- Elizabeth Schmieder

We've known Joan for decades. She's the only one we trust and that will put up with me. She's beyond patient with picky people like me.

- Fran & Bob Palmer

It was a pleasure to work together with Joan Culwell, she is very professional, really cared about us, understood our needs from the very first open house. Joan was always available to answer our questions and to show us the property any time we asked for. She was extremely honest, upfront, and was able to find us a great house that fit right in our price range! Joan - YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

- Zhanna B.

Joan Culwell was extremely patient in her endeavor to help us find a unique home. We looked all along the front range, from Fort Collins to Castle Rock. In Castle Rock, we finally found our dream home. It was a beautiful home backing up to gambel oak and open space with a paved trail that meandered for miles. There were a few issues raised by the home inspection. As we worked through those, my partner seemed to have an allergic reaction each time we visited the house. Joan would have made a significant commission on the sale of this home. But, rather than serving her own self interest, she put her commission in jeopardy, encouraging us to have the house tested for mold. The results indicated high mold readings in the majority of the living space. The seller's realtor told us the seller had no interest in working through any additional issues. Joan did not bat an eye, or try to change our minds, when we told her that, under the circumstances, we needed to cancel the contract. The happy ending to the story is that Joan did help us find a custom home under construction. She represented our interests with the builder through the whole process, even negotiating a reduction in the price of the property. Incidentally, we put our previous home on the market with Joan during the height of the pandemic. She was diligent about helping us get the home ready to sell, then creatively made it possible for showings during the pandemic, following all health guidelines to the letter, and in the spirit of safety for all, including ourselves.

- Terri W.

Thank you so much for all you've done to make me feel like I knew what I was doing in the "selling of the house process"!   Don't know if that makes sense to you, but you have no idea how your expertise and advice have made this experience a lot less scarey than I ever would have thought.  Having been married for 40 yrs to a business minded man, I didn't give much thought to the selling and buying of a house (except, of course, the picking out of the new ones!!) .  Thanks for all you've done to get me through this.  It's been a pleasure (the teamwork, not the actual 50 showings I prepared for!!!). 

- Diane

Thank you so much for making it all happen.  We appreciate all of your hard work and friendship along the way.  Asti, cheesecake and laughter were the perfect ending to an emotional roller coaster.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness

- Pryce, Kim, Kailey & Miranda

Thank you again for the tapes and for the wonderful, relaxing dinner and conversation, and for all your help and encouragement and moral support. I have a feeling that without it I'd still be only THINKING about buying a new house!

- Kate W

Thank you so much for all of your help!  I now have a great place to call home and I could not have done it without you!  I enjoyed working with you; thanks for keeping me positive when things didn't work out.  It all worked out in the end!  Again, thanks for everything.  We'll keep in touch.  

- Jennifer

A real go getter and problem solver, Joan listens well to her client's needs, always has a positive upbeat attitude and is a real pleasure to work with. Joan exceeded our exceptions in every way. She even personally rescued a baby bunny from our window well prior to our home closing.

- Wiles Chrzanowski

We want to thank you for everything you've done for us...and I mean everything!!!  You sure must enjoy your job, because you definitely go beyond the call of duty & I was greatly appreciative of it!   

- Sue, Kurt & Sarah Jane

Joan was amazing!  Would definitely recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home. 

- Tanya Martinez

There aren't enough good things I can say about working with Joan Culwell.  Our relationship began when she helped us sell our home very quickly in a tough market.  She was proactive, professional, and kept us comfortable with the entire process.  Normally the "sold sign"  is when a relationship with a Realtor ends, but Joan always goes above and beyond.  After moving to another state, she assisted us with finding a local Realtor and has given us savvy advice along the way.  Joan's warm personality and genuineness makes you feel like you are more than just another client to her, that you are her friend as well.  We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

- Jennifer and Greg L.

Please accept my gratitude for your outstanding dedication and perseverance with my home purchase, especially since you were the seller´s agent for this transaction.  I would like to offer you my sincerest recommendation to those in need of a real estate professional.My hope is to work with Joan Culwell due to her exceptional service and real estate knowledge for all of my future transactions, having previously completed five purchases/sales for both my residence and investments.I set out to travel my general area of interest, when after a couple of hours of pleasant mountain driving, I spotted a sign in a relatively hidden area, picked-up the flyer, and drove in to the neighborhood to view the house from the road.  Being very excited of the possibility, I called my buyer´s agent to see the house.  This property was undoubtedly a fixer-upper; though the location, land, floor plan, and view were all what I was looking for in a home.  Soon after viewing this house, which is now my home, is when I first met Joan.  She was the seller´s agent.Her representation for the seller was professional, straight forward, and upbeat.  The effort that Joan gave to complete the well permit for this property didn´t conclude until 16-months after closing ? a truly extraordinary effort.  Due to lost well permit records from the early 1970´s, Joan single handedly researched multiple wells in the area for the period including potential owners, drilling companies, and county records.  She is now well versed in well permit issues for both the past and the present, a dutiful indication of her natural abilities to tackle complex issues.  I attended the well permit review and the board congratulated Joan regarding her exceptional coordination and organizational skills.  Joan created the well permit support documentation with the presentation quality of an experienced lawyer.  From me to you, Joan, your efforts will not be forgotten.When it was time for me to sell my investment property, I requested Joan´s real estate services.  Her openness to opportunity matched a buyer for my condominium in a creative and mutually beneficial negotiation.  Her representation was up-to-date and a very positive experience. Another notable quality is Joan´s ability to express the possibilities of any property from many points of view.  Whether you are looking for a home for a handful of years, then potentially resell it and move up or a long-term home purchase, Joan can help you balance home features to meet your goals.  Her opinions are to be valued for a variety of perspectives.  You won´t hear just excessively neutral, vanilla descriptions, but the key insights that will aid your most important decision.

- Julie D

I don't even know where to begin! Joan is not only our "realtor for life", but she is our family and treats every client like family!  This was our 3rd home she has helped us find and sell, and in the most uncertain times, we tell her we are ready to move!!!  Even when we thought after a buyer backed out, a pandemic, and feeling like we weren't going to sell and never find our forever home she never quit!!  She had daily mantras to pick up our spirits!! She did it and we are now getting settled in our new home, our forever home!  We can't give her enough praise and appreciation for all her hard work and taking care of us!!

"It did sell!!' and it was because of her!!

- Mike and Shannon Guillory

Hi, Joan.  Brian and I want to thank you for being so thorough, following up in a timely manner, and being the warm and caring person you are.  You don't treat your clients as $$$ signs, but as people!  You sincerely want to help them get what they want.  You are truly a "pro" at what you do.  Thanks for helping us! 

- Kathie & Brian D

If you look in your dictionary under the word Realtor, you would find the name "Joan Culwell". My wife, Pat, and I had the pleasure of meeting Joan in August, 1999, when we were looking for a home in the Denver area because of a job change that was taking us from Texas.  Joan devoted her whole time to being with us during our allotted house-hunting trips (not to mention always having a bag of Almond Joys and Mounds for us!)  On the next to last day, we located our "dream home" in Parker.  She handled all the negotiations for us as we traveled back to Texas.  During the next several years, our friendship grew as we got both of our daughters through high school.  Since we were now empty nesters, we asked Joan to be our Realtor to sell our home and downsize.  She prepared fantastic flyers and a virtual tour of our home and it sold within a couple of months.  I now am employed by AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation and we live back in Texas. Pat and I have said several times we wish that Joan were here to be our Realtor and friend. 

- Gary W

Joan, You are THE BEST!!!  We appreciate all of your help!!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Our stamps of approval for you!!  We love your contagious laugh and how fun and flexible you are to work with!  

- Kiffaney & Roger

Last spring we had the good fortune to have Joan Culwell recommended to us to market our house.  Joan has exceptional credentials and experience, as well as a positive, winning attitude.Several months prior to listing, Joan walked through and helped guide us where to spend our energies and money preparing the house for sale.  She offered insight into the wants of buyers that we wouldn’t even have guessed!  She even offered to shop with us to help choose wall colors, carpet, etc.When it came time to actually list our home, she hired a professional photographer to take pictures, and created beautiful full color brochures for hand outs.  Her presentation of our house on the web was as professional and inviting as any you will find – far better than most.She worked tirelessly with us to determine how best to price our house in this strong buyer’s market; and when we were discouraged or frustrated she was always ready to listen and brainstorm new ideas to try.When our plans required us to move out of state prior to selling the house, we felt comfortable knowing she was overseeing it and helping to coordinate any maintenance needing to be done.  When our house was under contract she was in constant communication with us, encouraging us every step of the way. After the sale she has stayed in touch, much like the friend we feel her to be.  We are so thankful we chose Joan to go on this “emotional journey” with us!

- Jane and David D.

Joan: Thank you so very much for helping us sell our home in a very difficult market.  It took someone with your knowledge and significant experience to recommend the right home improvements, get the buyers in the door and ultimately execute a good selling price. It really eased the stress by having you available in a consulting capacity throughout the entire process and to be so prompt in responding when you were needed.  We lived in our house for so long we did not have an objective view for what helps to make the house show well and improve value.  Your insightful recommendations from the simple fix-ups to the major financial upgrades were especially helpful when there was a stalemate between my wife and I on what should be removed from view and where the money should be spent. I was really impressed with how many showings we got even though it was a buyers market.  Our dog got a lot of 'walks' as we vacated the premises for each showing.  It is unlikely a lesser-experienced agent would have gotten the number of showings we had and probably would have been dismal if it were for sale by owner. The icing on the cake was executing a good sale price.  To do this alone I would probably have taken the first low bid from a bargain hunter.  After all, it is a tough market and another offer may not come again for a while and I needed to get the house sold--soon.  I was under stress and filled with doubts.  But, your objective and professional skills told us to hold off for what would be a more fair and lucrative offer.  It was really sweet to ultimately close at the full asking price. I can't thank you enough.  

- Bill V.

I have to say up front how wonderful you are to put SO much time and energy into trying to find a home that will meet our stringent criteria.  It just touches my heart.  Yes, I know you are also attending to us as clients, but you really do put so much into what you do!  Well, I´m really feeling gushy this morning! Thanks!

- Beth & Bob

Dear Joan,

Thank you for the card filled with beautiful flowers and the feel of springtime! So different from what we see looking out the window today; at least the sun is shining! 

Thank you for all you did for us with selling Mom & Dad's house - your excellent research into finding just the right selling price, staging the house, photographing it and assembling the virtual tour and beautiful brochure, and your sound advice at each step of the way through closing. I don't believe it would have been so smooth, easy and successful with anyone other than you.

Thank you for the wonderful gift of cheese, the carving set and the super cute cutting board shaped like a house. What I loved the most was your name on the carving set and cutting board. If only you could have carved your name on the cheese too. :) When this awful virus has run its course, we look forward to getting together with you for wine & cheese and a meal. You will be in our thoughts, hearts and prayers as you also care for your sister. We hope you stay healthy too, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Love and warm hugs,

Beth & Bob

- Beth & Bob

Joan is a top notch professional in all aspects of our dealings with her in the sale of our home. From her wealth of knowledge, to her can do attitude, she is a pleasure to work with.  Always available, responsive, and follows through on all commitments . We would recommend Joan without hesitation and look forward with her on the purchase of our new home.

- Larry and Barbara Davis'

My family has known and worked with Joan for over 10 years.  As a financial planner, I selected Joan as our Realtor because she is highly professional and ethical.  Other Realtors often promise more than they can deliver, but Joan gives you the straight facts and delivers on her promises.She is a creative thinker, outstanding marketer and excellent negotiator.  We highly endorse her!  

- Jim D

Where do I even begin! I know there's not another Realtor in the world that would of been as patient as you were with me. We have had quite a ride with this home search business haven't we? Everything that could go wrong, did!  We can certainly say it was NEVER boring for a second! But you hung in there and we FINALLY found something that worked for us, and where we wanted to be! You are so much fun to be around and work with. But far more than that. I consider you a very dear friend. I will never work with anyone else! Now that may not be a plus for you! Me being such a P.I.T.B. (aka, "Pain in the Butt" words, not yours!) to work with. But I trust you so much. And you are always honest with me. That means SO much. You would never let someone buy something they shouldn't. That's SO important!!! Bob and I really appreciate all your hard work so much. A simple Thank You could never cover it! Thanks for putting up with me my friend!

- Fran P

Jim and I cannot express enough how much we appreciate all the hard work and extra thoughtfulness you put into selling our house.  You went above and beyond the call of duty.  You are so easy to work with and we enjoyed every minute of it.  ....

- Jim and MaryAnn

Joan is a pleasure to work with as she’s an active listener. She takes her time understanding your buying and selling goals. A proactive plan is always an asset in real estate. Her amazing knowledge of the Highlands Ranch area comes from years in the business. As an individual, Joan is polite and professional. Her negotiation skills are top notch. She accomplishes everything with a remarkable degree of integrity and competency which really separates her from other realtors. I highly recommend Joan for all your realtor needs. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Joan, for representing us well throughout the years.

- Samantha & Gregg Zody